Reviews for Cut the Rope Experiments HD (Unlimited Unlocked)(Go,Back)
avator Cathy 15 Nov 2016 11 13
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sometimes i really wedonr why they open restaurant and never use their heart to prepare food, how will the customer come again? i always respect those that cook with no short cut... hope their business always be great, and bring more friends to support... ^ - ^ [url=]jtotdc[/url] [link=]augdasikl[/link] avator Rawa 19 Dec 2014 4 53
Hi :)the menu works fine and it is a really great <a href="">alvranetite</a> for the native menu but one thing that isn't working for me are the functions for each button. Pressing a menu button doesn't do anything, I tried to show an alert, but pressing the button just closes the menu.Am I missing something? avator Mardin 16 Dec 2014 16 00
Hey no problem! Yes altlaucy check out the latest version in Github, we just pushed the fix for Cordova, you'll have to uncomment some lines of code. I plan on doing an update to all plugins to allow for Cordova use