Reviews for DEER HUNTER 2014 (Unlimited Glu Coins)(Go,Back)
avator Dario 1 Jan 2015 8 14
I enjoy the book series more than the TV show, thgouh it could be that I started the books before the show started and I end up doing the same of comparing the book and show. Pam is awesome in the books, much more devious. Book 4 is one of my favorite in the series, it is a good one thgouht after book 8 it kind of went down hill for me but I will stick with it till the end. I can't believe that new year the final book comes out. Great review, I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. :) http://gqzcbdqxg avator Norma 19 Dec 2014 17 43
Of course I have heard of the Sookie Stackhouse <a href="">seeirs</a>, but for some unknown reason, I haven't read them. I am remedying that today. If luck is with me, I will be able to get all of the ones you have out to date.mom1248atattdotnet avator Anita 17 Dec 2014 2 54
Does Charlaine Harris count as a paranormal roanmce author? I really love her Sookie Stackhouse series though they might be more mystery than roanmce. Either way, I would really like to read this one and maybe find out for myself how Charlaine's writting compares to this genre. avator pankaj singh 1 Nov 2014 22 33